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2/26/2010 02:22:35 am

Welcome one and all to our guestbook/blog. Please feel free to subscribe and join in our love of the four-legged, feathered and scaled who share our world so intimately with us.

4/11/2010 09:50:03 am

April update: VANDERBILT has been adopted into a wonderful loving family; he has his very own boy, Dad, Mom, brother Chihuahua and sister kitty. Lots of room to romp, hike and do all the things he loves with his very own small family. HOORAY for VANDY!

10/25/2010 08:36:45 am

It has been a while but we have Roy the husky to thank for getting back in touch!! Say hello to Gary for me :)

Deb Sweetman
12/21/2010 04:08:31 am

I love what you do for the little ones with NO VOICE...Morgana..YOU HAVE "GOD'S HEART" ...Peace & may your wish list be fulfilled 100 fold!!!


Deb & all the little ones with NO VOICE.

2/7/2011 11:08:02 am

bobo,redcloud,bamboozel,etc are sorely missed by the kids @"the zoo"OOXX

3/26/2011 04:20:15 am

Thank you so much for leaving me your website on the Yesbiscut blog that I had written on! I watched the videos on your home page & sat here & cried. Being a nurse for 33 years I really thought I understood humans... but all I understand is how cruel & heartless they are. I wish I could save every animal that I have come in contact with, from puppies to seniors, but sadly I don't have the room for more than what I have now. Thank you so much for what you do!
Robyn Wilcox
Murrells Inlet, SC

8/12/2011 02:02:51 pm

It makes one wonder, you see so many websites with so many people who do love animals of all kinds. So meny members of so many national animal rights groups, so much money going into their piggie banks; so why is the country killing so many animals in "shelters" & why isn't the laws tougher on the psycopaths who abuse animals? Shouldn't we all join forces FOR ALL animals?

Trisha McIntyre
5/26/2012 03:36:09 pm

I read Yes Biscuit & make occasional comments there, too. Am an animal lover & my furry kids are mainly rescues dumped on roads here in rural outskirts of Tucson, AZ.; all the heart stealers are also spayed/neutered, updated on vaccines and given oodles of love & daily one on one sessions full of walks and tummy rubs. Once they tug at your heart it is hard to cut the ties that bind for life, & mine are for life, even though I am the oldest of the pack as their 66 year old human mama. My oldest furry kid just turned 13 years and been with me since 18 months when she came here daily pregnant and was pregnant... My youngest chose me also by being by my car tire & was ready to come home; I think they know before you do that they are choosing their place and caregiver for life...

My newest was a sad story of a dog, Australian Cattledog mix-older female, who was physically tossed from her late human mama's home by the deceased woman's sons and they lied to me that it had belonged on their property where it had waited patiently to return. Well I saw abuse when she would try as I would travel 60 miles round trip daily to feed and coax her to come with me... I only hope that what goes around comes around for those punks... A trick got these, which revealed what I knew already, got these pumks to be part of "Gracie's"/aka Graceful Gal's rescue & it did not take long for her to be in one of my crates left inside their fence on their property. She is with me to stay & I would now have a hard time telling her she would have to go anywhere but on my bed or her wading pool outside... She has been home here for a month getting snug as a bug in a rug; she is believed to be around 6-7 years old... And she has adopted, kind of as her own, two of my young females like her daughters...

Thanks for the rescues you do, thanks for keeping those forever who have no home to go to... And what a wonderful place to call home as seen from your pictures not to mention the Hudson Valley being a great place for any dog (well hope it still is)... I had relatives there & cherish many memories of the area as you also must


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